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Ignacio Infante Cobo Photographer


Ignacio Infante Cobo 

Ignacio is a commercial photographer who is passionate about capturing unique moments with a unique style. He began his career in photography in 2001, and soon became obsessed with the essential elements of a great photograph: light, balance, composition and use of space.

Ignacio captures poignant and profound moments with great creativity. He offers exceptional personalized service to each of his clients. Don't hesitate to get in touch today and schedule a session.

Ignacio was born in Santiago de Chile, he studied professional photography at Escuela de Foto Arte, Chile. Since 2001 he has been a contributor to El Mercurio and La Tercera newspapers, Big Magazine, Viajes, Paula, Nuevo Diseño, La Cav, Andes Magazine, among others. 

Among the most outstanding editorial commissions he has done are:
"Deserta" Ecology and Industry in the Atacama Desert, ARQ Ediciones; "La Magia del Último Pueblo Salitrero en la Pampa Chilena", commissioned by the company SQM; "Puerto Rico, encanto natural", a book about the biodiversity and geography of Puerto Rico; Eugène Joannon Crozier (1860-1938), a book about the life and work of this French architect living in Chile and "Una Lección de Campo" commissioned by the Chilean company Anasac.

Abroad his photographs have been published in different books, such as: "1000 x Architecture of the Americas" (Ed. Staff), "Spiritual Architecture. New Religious Buildings" (Loft Publications) and "House Design Source" (Loft Publications), participation of photographs in the catalog for the Chilean pavilion at the Architecture biennial Venice 2012: "CANCHA, Chilean Soilscapes".

He has also held exhibitions of his landscape photographic work in Brussels, Belgium (2007) and in the Principality of Monaco (2008).

He has been in charge of the creation of image banks for companies such as Enaex, Anasac, Brotec-Icafal, Komatsu and Molycop.

Ignacio is currently developing new editorial projects, corporate videos that contributes to the industrial, commercial and advertising areas.
Some of the promotional pieces he has recently worked on for: BCI, Google, Metlife, Nueva Las Condes, Molycop, Anasac, Transbank, Besalco, Banco de Chile and Astoreca Foundation, among others, combining industrial, commercial and geographic vision in the assignments.

In the area of advertising photography, he has worked on campaigns for Empresas Copec, Transbank, Falabella, CMR, Tottus, Sodimac, Viña Undurraga, Viña Indómita, Viña Errázuriz, Viña Caliterra, Pepsico, ACHS, Minera Lomas Bayas, SalfaCorp, Restaurant Agua, Hotel Explora, Hotel Las Tanusas Retreart Spa, Patagonia Virgin, Brotec-Icafal.


DESERTA: Ecología e Industria en el desierto de Atacama, Editoral ARQ /  MARÍA ELENA: La magia del último pueblo salitrero de la pampa Chilena / Eugene Joannon Crozier (1860-1938) / ANASAC: Una Lección de Campo / PUERTO RICO: Encanto natural / 1000 x Architecture of the Americas (Ed. Staff) / Spiritual Architecture. New Religious Buildings (Loft Publications) / House Design Source (Loft Publications)


Falabella / Tottus / Sodimac / BCI / Google / Transbank / Mobil Copec /  
Inmobiliaria Manquehue / Besalco / Esprit / Osito / Patagonia Virgin / SalfaCorp / Komatsu

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